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Our  Story

At J K Landscaping, we are passionate about bringing the outdoors to life and creating beautiful outdoor spaces. We are a family-owned landscaping business, offering services such as landscape design, installation, and maintenance.

Our passion for landscaping comes from our collective experience and knowledge. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible service, and to make sure that their outdoor spaces are designed and maintained to their exact specifications. Come experience the J K Landscaping difference today



The family business was set up in 2017 and we're proud of the strides the business has made in a short period of time. 


It all started by cutting grass as a teenager to make some extra income. I would travel round the whole of Falkirk cutting and tidying up gardens. Eventually, it was decision time, invest in myself and progress grass cutting into a full time job, or head to college / university and continue full time education. It's a common dilemma most of us face. I decided, with the help of my dad, an experienced landscaper, to commit to the industry. 

We set up JKL and the target was to focus on the commercial industry and pitching for maintenance contracts. We were competitively priced and after knocking on several doors, were appointed on some large scale industrial estates in Cumbernauld and Glasgow. These  projects were encouraging for the business and it's an area we will continue to grow. 


We've won these contracts because of our added value service. We are not being appointed to cut costs and collect litter, we are presenting each client with new features and design ideas based around the landscape of the business park. We create areas for occupiers to utilise and most of the time improve the appearance and entrance to the estate which benefits the everyday worker and the new client you're trying to impress with a welcoming environment.


JKL Scotland has a clean, fresh, vibrant and modern approach to the landscaping industry and we look forward to meeting and interacting with our new clients. 

Thank you for visiting our website. 

Free Quotes

We offer a free consultation process and our simple five step guide is: 

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Step 5

Submit an Enquiry

Arrange an onsite survey to discuss potential instruction and generate ideas / concept. 

Presentation of ideas

to client. 

The bit we love,

arrive on location.  

Handover to client. 

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