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JKL Scotland is a landscaping, maintenance and design company located in the central belt of Scotland. Essentially, a father and son team dedicated to the garden and upkeep of commercial outdoor spaces.  

For the past several years, we have been growing the business and successfully winning work within the central belt of Glasgow. Word of mouth has seen us expand and our future is exciting. We now feel it's time to continue our growth and update the old fashioned landscaping industry with a professional slick website. 

Our passion is redesigning the landscape, and most of the time it doesn't need to break the bank. Our client feedback is positive because we truly believe it's important to listen to the customer. That's why we offer a free consultation process. Our five step guide is below:

  • Step 1: Enquiry

  • Step 2: Arrange an onsite meeting to establish the extent of the job and listen to the client brief.

  • Step 3: We create a mood board and report back to the client.

  • Step 4:  The bit we love, arriving on location and getting started with the job.

  • Step 5: presentation to the client.

Recently, we've tendered, and been appointed on some large scale industrial estates in Cumbernauld and Glasgow. These new projects are encouraging for the business and it's an area we will continue to grow over the coming weeks and months. We won these contracts because of our added value service. We are not being appointed to cut costs and collect litter, we are presenting each client with new features and design ideas based around the landscape of the business park. We create area's for occupiers to utilise and most of the time improve the appearance and entrance to the estate which benefits the everyday worker and the new client your trying to impress with a welcoming environment.


JKL Scotland has a clean, fresh, vibrant and modern approach to the landscaping industry and we look forward to meeting and interacting with our new clients. 

Thank you for visiting our website. 

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