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Tullibardine Distillery Win & #beastfromtheeast

JKL is delighted to confirm that we have been appointed landscapers and maintenance contractors for Tullibardine Distillery in Perthshire.

I have been working with the distillery during a very challenging winter salting and gritting during what has felt a very long winter! the #beastfromtheeast was without doubt one of our most challenging weeks this year.

My team and I were in high demand during this period and local stores including Tesco were wanting our assistance clearing car parks. The demand was so high that we actually exhausted our equipment and had to work a full weekend manually. that's right, manually shoveling tons and tons of snow. It was an unwelcome workout but we knew how important it is for our clients operations to be unaffected during this weather and we worked tirelessly to ensure it was business as usual.

Our hard work and fantastic client relationship has ensured JKL will be maintaining this iconic distillery located in Blackford, just off the A9. We hope to be making some improvements before the height of summer and I am sure the customers will appreciate the enhanced environment.

please visit our new client's website for more information and tour bookings !

#whisky #distillery #tullibardine #landscaping #beastfromtheeast

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