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It has been a fantastic year !

As the title says, it has been a fantastic year for JKL. We have grown massively in what feels like a short space of time !

I have been meaning to write a blog for some time, however I've been incredibly busy and working on some exciting projects. At this moment in time, we're in that period between Christmas and New Year where we don't know what the time is, if it's lunch or dinner, Wednesday or Sunday but regardless of that, I find myself with some time to reflect on 2017.

So, 2017 saw the company grow into the commercial sector, concentrating on landscaping and maintenance contracts. We've been successfully appointed at Westfield Park, Cumbernauld for a National client. We have been undertaking works at Tullibardine Distillery in Perthsire with some significant projects planned next year. We are official contractors for Allsaints Construction and are working closely with them on a brand new luxury residential development in Larbert with further work in the pipeline in Helensburgh.

Our enthusiasm and willingness to work closely with clients has benefited the company greatly. We have an established brand and we are continually investing in our company and service. We are constantly looking to grow and expand and we believe these recent successes will go a long way in helping the company develop further during 2018.

On the residential sector, we have undertaken garden works throughout the country and a selection of these jobs are available to see on the website ( We have become friends with some of our customers and we are regularly recommended for additional work through word of mouth. We cannot thank those customers/clients/friends that have recommended JKL enough. Funnily, a lot of our residential work comes from current 'live' work. Neighbors see us on site, like what we are doing and find us approachable and simply ask us to quote for a job. We often find ourselves working on the same street or area for many weeks.

Something that I feel differentiates us from our competitors is our willingness to work with our clients on all jobs big or small, commercial or residential. We offer a maintenance service post works, so we don't just do a job and walk away never to be seen again, we are there to assist and manage the garden on a short, medium or long term basis. This gives the client confidence and that is important to us.


One of my favorite work stories of the year occurred during a visit to a local supplier. We were there on a cold, wet miserable autumn day waiting for the delivery of some artificial turf. We decided to head to the greenhouse and look at some of the plants. We only noticed one other couple in the greenhouse, a man in a polo shirt looking very tanned and a woman wearing Chanel and looking a tad out of place. In my uniform, the woman thought I worked at the site and enquired if I could help her choose a plant for her garden. This led to a conversation about the couple embarking on a major garden renovation. Without hesitation, I informed her of my company and we got chatting. We arranged to meet at their house later that evening to assess the job. We arrived and spent about an hour and a half chatting about gardens, parrots, Spain and conservatories! We hope to be on site early in the new year starting works !


In May 2018, JKL will be attending the Royal Chelsea Flower Show and we are very excited to spend a couple of days in London learning and taking inspiration from some of the best garden designers in the country. We will post a blog on this event next year. We are so excited and can't wait to share our experience !!


Finally, i couldn't write a blog without covering this point...when you tell people you own a landscaping company, everybody automatically assumes you only work about half the year and during winter you're doing nothing, staying cosy or chasing the winter sun. I can assure you that is not the case at JKL and our maintenance work keeps us busy all year round - just the way we like it !

We hope 2018 is going to be another great year and we are very, very excited about what the future has instore for JKL.

All the best,


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